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CBD has been in the news a lot recently, with people claiming that it benefits your health in a whole host of different ways. The truth is, CBD Oil is a food supplement and no company can make claims about its ability to cure, treat or prevent any particular disease – those that do are breaking the law. Having said that, there are some effects we can talk about. Read on to discover exactly how CBD Rich Hemp Oil benefits people like you.

What is cannabis oil used to treat?

Natrina Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a food supplement designed to help support everyday health. So, in answer to the question ‘what is cannabis oil used to treat?’, the answer is nothing we can state here – but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t experiencing benefits from using it.

While we can’t promise that CBD Oil will treat, cure or prevent any disease, it is believed to have an impact on a variety of receptors within the body.

CBD Rich Hemp Oil benefits

Natrina Full Spectrum CBD oil contains up to 20% CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from cold-pressed hemp.

Did you know that your body produces its own cannabinoids naturally? It uses them to promote the proper function of the muscular system, immune system, nervous system and more. Your body has two cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, and these receptors can also be affected by external cannabinoids.

While THC binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors (creating a high), CBD stimulates activity in the receptors without binding to them. So rather than creating a high, it influences the body to start using its own cannabinoids more effectively. CBD is also thought to bind directly with adenosine, serotonin and vanilloid receptors.

It’s believed that higher concentration CBD oil benefits the body by activating more of these receptors, compared with products with a lower concentration of CBD.

How do these receptors create potential CBD oil benefits?

Adenosine, vanilloid and serotonin receptors are responsible for a variety of effects on the body, so when stimulated by CBD, they could have a positive impact on your general health.


Anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects


Affects body temperature, inflammation and perception of pain


Often targeted by pharmaceuticals for anti-depressant purposes

Find out whether CBD Rich Hemp Oil benefits you

There is a wealth of information online about individuals’ experiences with CBD Oil, but really, the only way to find out if CBD Rich Hemp Oil works for you, is to try it. We recommend starting with a lower dose to see how you get on.

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